With over 24 years of unsurpassed excellence in providing top-notch legal assistance to clients in Long Prairie, Alexandria, Little Falls, Wadena, and Central Minnesota, Petrek Law Office is the name that has grown synonymous with exceptional legal service you can count on.

Specializing in criminal defense and personal injury, we take pride in having helped countless clients protect their rights and seek justice over the years. As a law firm that has your best interests in mind, we always make sure to listen closely to our clients in order to fully understand how to best help them. We understand the importance and seriousness of what are clients go through which is why we always see to it that we're fully prepared and do everything we can in our power to give them the justice they deserve. We provide vigorous representation at all stages of civil and criminal proceedings. We are honest and straightforward with our clients and put our experience and expertise to work to bring about the best possible results for them.

I am always well prepared and aggressive in Court. I am a trial lawyer first and foremost and have spent the vast majority of my time in court arguing motions, defending clients and trying cases. I am often an individual's second or third lawyer. I have practiced in the Seventh District of Minnesota my entire career and have the respect of my colleagues, the Court and the public.

We're open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mondays through Fridays, and are available by appointment at other times.

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